About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Nigerian born British artist and researcher based in London, United Kingdom, where she practices Mixed Media Art, exploring women's disempowerment in her ongoing research.

She holds to her credit, Dip. Interior Decoration, Dip. Fashion Design and Fine Arts (Darnley Career Academy, Glasgow, UK), BA. Fine Art at the University of East London and a Masters Research in Fine Art Royal College of Arts, London, UK.

In addition to her academic achievements of excellence in Art and research, she is currently a PhD offer-holder on Fine Art research (by project).

Her research explores the material, metaphorical and historical qualities of papier-mâché as a contemporary artistic medium. Her combined study of theoretical, historical, artistic and testimonial sources investigates the material qualities of papier-mâché. This includes the associations, in highlighting and reframing narratives of disempowered women.

The papier-mâché based artworks in her research are processed and integrated with the memories of disempowered women.

In addition to her creativeness in art, her passion for women's re-empowerment launches resilience through art-making to push boundaries for a change.

Elizabeth is a practising Christian and a counsellor from a Christian background. For many years, she has continued to serve as illustrator and art editor to well over two hundred and fifty Christian book covers.

She is happily married and blessed with a lovely family.