Artist Statement

I see life as a gigantic bubble-globe containing myriads of bubbles. I assume these myriads of bubbles are the air spaces apportioned to every person dead or alive; it calls for concern when we don’t respect the values we share within this delicate bubble-globe of ours.

It bothers the mind when injustices escape the axe of judgement, and are inappropriately addressed, leaving the victims seriously traumatised.

As much as co-inhabitation, Interference, interaction and the inter relational behaviour of people continue to signal the direction and temperature of the globe that we share, the more we pay little or no attention to it.
I do believe that the aftermath of disconnectedness is part of what constitutes the decay in our world today than ever before.

As a mixed media artist, painter and sculptor, I passionately use Papier-mâché, an everyday material in my practice, to highlight and address the underlying issues of ‘disconnectedness’ within the globe, carefully studying the works of some Renaissance artists like Donatello, Lorenzo Ghiberti and equally the works of some contemporary artists, in the way they dealt with issues like these.
In terms of style, a major part of my work has taken off, from where the Trajan Column stopped.

In my practice, I have used papier-mâché to create some amazing relief sculptures of historical and religious narratives, in flats, in the 3D shapes, in rounds, on boards and on canvases, to address political issues of our world, in relation to, problems of inter disconnectedness in an interlocked world and it’s devastating effect on people.

Based on results from my previous research on Papier-mâché and it’s aesthetic appeal to some notable artists, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubts that there is more to research about the material.